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mobile industry processor interface alliance

Mobile Industry Processor Interface(MIPI) Alliance is an association joined by many mobile communication companies. The goal of MIPI activities is to promote open interface specifications for mobile devices.

The MIPI specifications serve to standardize the hardware and software interfaces that are present in mobile devices. Standardization improves interoperability between different systems. Therefore, the MIPI interface is increasingly used in cell phones, smartphones and tablets.

The MIPI Alliance sees itself as a complementary institution to existing standardization bodies such as the Open Mobile Alliance and 3GPP. The standards it develops cover the peripherals of the processors, the display, the digital camera, the RF part with antenna, etc. Under the leadership of the MIPI Alliance, MIPI-CSI2, which stands for Camera Serial Interface Version 2, was introduced in 2005, and MIPI-CSI3 was introduced in 2014. In addition, the MIPI Alliance has also specified the Camera Parallel Interface( CPI), the Parallel Trace Interface (PTIS), the Display Pixel Interface( DPI), and the Display Serial Interface( DSI), and in 2008 introduced the SPMI interface, System Power Management Interface (SPMI).

MIPI includes many well-known mobile communications companies. Among others Nokia, Intel, Samsung, Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, Cypress, Motorola, AMD and many more.

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