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mobile equipment

Mobile devices are all electronic devices for mobile, network-independent data communication, voice communication and image communication, navigation, data storage and mobile computing.

Some mobile devices integrate multiple functionalities in one device. For example, there are smartphones that support navigation, video telephony, and mobile TV.

Functionalities of the different mobile devices

Functionalities of the different mobile devices

  1. The best known mobile devices are cell phones and smartphones for voice and video communication. New services have been constantly developed for them, adding data, text and streaming services to the functionality of cell phones. Then came video telephony with camera phones and mobile TV with TV phones, for which portable media players(PMPs) were specially developed.
  2. For photo and video recording, mobile devices such as cell phones and smartphones are equipped with digital cameras and camcorders.
  3. For audio, photo and video playback, there are MP3 players and multimedia players, as well as various combination devices such as players for music and photos, etc.
  4. For data processing and data communication all handhelds, palmtops, PDAs, notebooks, subnotebooks, netbooks,tablets and hybrid PCs are suitable, for this purpose there are devices from Apple, Palm, Psion, Dell, Compac, HP and Microsoft. They are used for mobile computing and are integrated into the company's communications infrastructure. InIP networks, mobile devices are referred to as mobile nodes(MNs).
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