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metal insulator metal (MIM)

MIM stands for Metal - Insulator - Metal. A MIM diode is a multilayer diode consisting of two metal layers with an insulating layer between them. It works as a bidirectional Zener di ode and can be designed in thin-film technology.

MIM diodes operate bidirectionally and switch when a predetermined threshold is exceeded, both for positive and negative voltage. The thresholds at which the MIM diodes switch to the conducting state depend on the structure, but also on the thickness of the insulating layer and the physical properties of the insulating and metal layers.

Structure of the MIM diode, photo:

Structure of the MIM diode, photo:

MIM diodes in thin-film technology are used, among other things, in active matrices of TFD displays and TFT displays as an alternative to thin-film transistors. They have fewer layers and are easier to manufacture. A variant of the MIM diode is the MIIM diode, which has a second insulation layer.

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