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iX industrial

iX-Industrial is the protected brand name of an extremely compact industrial connector developed by the companies Harting and Hirose, which is considerably smaller than the RJ45 connector. The aim of the development was to meet the continuing miniaturization of devices.

The size of the iX connector is less than half that of the RJ45 connector. The mating face complies with the IEC 61076-3-124 standard and, unlike the RJ45, has ten mating contacts. The middle contact is connected to ground potential and is equipped with a shield plate that shields the signal-carrying wire pairs from each other.

iX industrial connector with ten plug contacts, Photo: Harting

iX industrial connector with ten plug contacts, Photo: Harting

The iX connector complies with categoryCat 6A for Gigabit Ethernet( GbE) and 10 Gigabit Ethernet( 10GbE). It can be used for Power over Ethernet( PoE, PoE+), is shielded throughout and designed for 5,000 mating cycles. The iX-Industrial is available in different codings. The A- coding is for standard Ethernet in 4- or 8- pin version with two power wires for 50 VDC or 60 VDC and 3 A, in the B-coding with application-specific contact assignment, and in C-coding for assembly in the field.

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