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frame grabber

A frame grabber is a type of scanner for storing a single analog video image or video sequence. The video sequences are read in real time, scanned, digitized and stored in an internal memory.

A frame grabber can capture a specific frame from a video sequence, scan it, digitize it, and store it in real time. Digitized color images can be converted, from a 24-bit RGB color image to an 8-bit grayscale image with Bayer correction. All images can be saved in any graphic file format and then processed with image processing.

PC board for frame grabber, photo: Sensoray

PC board for frame grabber, photo: Sensoray

The image data for frame grabbers are supplied by different camera types, whereby the output channel of the camera determines the input channel of the frame grabber. These include color, area scan, or line scan cameras, as well as standardized and manufacturer-specific camera outputs. The frame grabber has its own memory or buffer and can load image data into the personal computer ( PC ) memory via the PC bus.

Frame grabbers are also referred to as video digitizers or video digitizers.

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