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fault, configuration, account, performance, and security management (FCAPS)

Fault, Configuration, Account, Performance, and Security (FCAPS) stands for ISO Network Management of Telecommunications Control Networks (TMN), FCAPS being the functional model standardized by the International Telecommunication Union

(ITU) under M.3010. The FCAPS structure is divided into a logical architecture, Logical Layer Architecture (LLA), consisting of five management layers: Network Element Layer (NEL), Element Management Layer (EML), Network Management Layer (NML), Service Management Layer (SML), and Business Management Layer


FCAPS logical architecture

FCAPS logical architecture

FCAPS provides value-added services that help improve communication and information flows. These services provided by service providers include fault management (Fault), configuration management (Configuration), accounting management (Accounting), performance management (Performance) and security management (Security). The FCAPS process is used, among other things, in cloud computing for application performance management (APM) for virtualized applications.

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