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configuration management (CM)

Configuration management(CM) is a functional area of OSI management and fault, configuration, account, performance, and security management( FCAPS). In the broadest sense, it serves to make the entire networked and distributed system available, while fault management and performance management serve to keep the system in an available state or to restore it.

Important task areas of the configuration management are the inventory management in the form of the collection of the existing software configurations and the software distribution. Furthermore the administration of changes with that is determined, which changes result from the software distribution. In addition the documentation of the installations and the directory services.

Configuration management tasks also include defining resources, initializing and scheduling them, setting and changing parameters, collecting status data and ensuring normal operation. Depending on the size of the network and the diversity of the system, different requirements will be placed on configuration management. This management area offers the most tools today.

Configuration management is also described in the Service Support section of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library( ITIL) and, like other management tasks, is intended to improve the quality of customer orientation in IT services.

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