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embedded software

Embedded software is software that is embedded in another technical device and controls, regulates and monitors its functions. These are programs that run largely unnoticed by the user in music systems, televisions, telephones, heaters, alarm systems, toys, household appliances, etc.

Embedded software is, so to speak, the firmware of the technical devices on which the operating system is based. However, embedded software is usually the only software that runs on the corresponding devices. As programming languages for embedded software predominantly the popular programming languages C++nd C++ are used.

Embedded software is characterized by the fact that it usually requires relatively little memory and computing power, is compiled from comparatively little source code, has a limited range of functions and operates stably and reliably. On the other hand, embedded software can also be extremely sophisticated, for example when it comes to process control or the control of cars, aircraft and rockets.

Unlike standard computers that use only a few operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Unix or Linux, embedded software comes in a wide variety of operating systems and real-time operating systems( RTOS).

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