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distributed load sharing (DLS)

  1. In computer technology, distributed load sharing (DLS) ensures optimal utilization of computers. Corresponding concepts are often based on clusters that behave like a virtual processor.

  2. Load sharing can also be used for web servers. For this purpose, websites are mirrored and stored as mirror sites on another web server. With this concept, the traffic is split between the original website and the mirror site, resulting in load balancing and reduced traffic on the original website and the mirror site(s). Mirroring is interesting for websites with high traffic downloads.

  3. In routing, load balancing is a method of regulating the load on redundant bridges and LAN segments without affecting the routing process. Load balancing can take place within a single bridge, using multiple parallel bridge ports or between two bridges connected by redundant paths. This method is functionally used, for example, in ISDN bridges to support multiple parallel connections, known as channel bundling.

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