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Mirror sites are mirrored websites, or exact duplicate websites that are stored on a different web server. They are under the control of the same website operator, have the same content as the original website, but offer security-related advantages and serve load bal ancing and redundancy purposes.

A mirror site represents a kind of snapshot of the original website and must be updated regularly so that the mirrored content corresponds to the original website. To do this, software can be installed that transfers any changes to the origin website directly to the mirror site.

In the mirror site concept, the traffic is divided by mirroring the websites, which reduces the load on the two web servers in case of high traffic, and at the same time improves the access and transfer times. Thus, more and faster accesses and downloads can take place than on a single website. Load balancing applies in particular to websites with high traffic downloads. To prevent the web servers from being overloaded during high-volume downloads, it is recommended to distribute the downloads over several web servers.

Mirror sites are stored under different Internet addresses, which may differ only slightly, but they are otherwise completely identical. Web servers with mirror sites can be located in different countries or continents in order to accommodate the corresponding requests. Such measures also circumvent website censorship. The mirror sites technique is also used for multilingual websites. For this purpose, the websites are duplicated and the content is translated and exchanged.

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