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dedicated server (DS)

A dedicated server is a server that performs special network management tasks such as printing or administrative tasks. Such a dedicated server is only available for the special tasks assigned to it. Appliances, directory servers, proxy servers, file servers, mail servers, web servers and many other servers are examples of dedicated servers.

The smaller the server and the larger and more complex the network, the more likely such a dedicated server will be fully loaded with network management tasks and will not be able to perform other tasks. Otherwise, like all other computers connected to the network, it can also be used for normal work. It is then a non-dedicated server.

Like other servers, dedicated servers can be configured and operated remotely from the client. As a rule, dedicated servers are rented from a hosting provider, where the storage capacity provided, the storage technologies used, the computing power, the data rate provided, the services and other parameters can be specified. In modern hosting, a dedicated server is also referred to as a bare-metal server, and the concept as a single-tenancy architecture.

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