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data center interconnect (DCI)

Data Center Interconnect (DCI) are interconnections of two or more data centers to achieve information technology targets. By cross-connecting different data centers, they can collaborate and share resources and computing power. DCI technology is based on networks and tools with the corresponding software and management processes running in data centers.

Data Center Interconnect is generally implemented by connecting data centers via LAN extensions, Virtual Private Networks( VPN), via leased lines or via the Internet. Distances between data centers can range from a few meters to several hundred kilometers. The latter are realized with optical fibers in dark fiber with CWDM or DWDM and achieve transmission rates of several hundred gigabits per second. The techniques mentioned take place on layers 1 to 3. While dark fiber is a transmission medium on layer 1, LAN extensions such as Ethernet over MPLS( EoMPLS) or virtual private networks take place on layer 2 and transmission via an IP network on layer 3. Here, services such as IP over MPLS are supported by the providers.

Each data center connected via DCI can access data, programs and resources of the other data centers. Data Center Interconnect technology is used in companies, organizations and research institutes that operate several data centers of their own or that are leased. Other aspects include the interconnection of suppliers and customers who can access the companies' data and resources, the immediate availability of data in the event of a data center failure, and the use of a data center for disaster recovery.

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