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data as a service (DaaS)

Data as a Service(DaaS) is a model for information retrieval and distribution where files of text, images, audio and video are made available to the end user over the Internet.

The DaaS service is a cost-effective service for customer-facing businesses. For example, companies can make their delivery program available for download, logistics companies can display the status of goods to be delivered, banks can display current stock market prices, or content providers can offer special content for use by third parties. DaaS services are supported by underlying services. These can be web services or service-oriented architectures( SOA).

A wide variety of cost models are offered under DaaS services. The costs can be based on the data volume or the data format. For example, there are models with fixed costs per megabyte or fixed costs for text, graphic or video files.

Data as a Service has the advantages that data can be transferred from one platform to another and compatibility between platforms can be ensured, maintenance of data integrity can be ensured through authentication and encryption, data management is simple and data can be accessed worldwide.

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