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cloud management

Cloud management is an administrative activity for monitoring and controlling public clouds, private clouds and hybrid clouds. Cloud management is about management strategies for the operation of data and services residing in a cloud and the dynamic and scalable cloud environment.

Cloud management ensures that cloud computing resources are optimally provisioned and that cloud services interact with other services and users.

Through cloud management, users have direct access to public and private clouds. They can check current connections to services and resources, as well as performance, cost and sharing of services and resources. They can monitor response times and latency, as well as disaster recovery and contingency plans. Users can cost track their cloud budget and turn off unused services and resources. Another benefit of cloud management is workflow automation. Through it, business process policies can be implemented to manage individual cloud instances. In addition, workflow automation supports reporting, development and compliance.

Cloud management is based on related products such as OpenStack, Morpheus, Windows Azure, Cloudo, AmazonWeb Services( AWS) and many others.

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