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Amazon web services (AWS)

AmazonWeb Services(AWS) is a cloud computingplatform developed by Amazon with over two hundred web services. The AWS platform is used worldwide by companies of all sizes, corporations, and government agencies that analyze and store their bulk and sensitive data in the cloud storage of the AWS platform.

A wide variety of web services are offered on the AWS platform. These include the storage of audios and videos, documents and photos, which can be offered as static objects or streamed on websites. Scalable search capabilities make it easy to find topic-specific documents. Other services include NoSQL database with low latency, the virtual machines and the cache service with which dynamic applications are accelerated. Also of interest is the Simple Storage Service( S3), an interface for object storage. It can be used to store, search, analyze and retrieve bulk data in cloud storage, such as that found in Big Data and Data Lakes.

The AWS platform offers high data security with attention to compliance and governance and can encrypt customer data.

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