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simple storage service (S3)

S3, Simple Storage Service (S3), is an interface developed by Amazon for object storage in cloud storage. The S3 interface is one of many services in the AWS platform. It supports developers in cloud computing and has become an industry standard.

The S3 interface supports web services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) for online data storage of large-scale object data. It can be used to quickly find and retrieve large amounts of data, such as that found in Big Data. Data can be retrieved over the Internet regardless of time or location. The storage infrastructure behind the data storage is characterized by flexible scalability, high availability, data security and performance. Via the S3 interface, all data from different applications, from websites, IoT devices or mobile devices can be stored as backup copies, archives or long-term arch ives.

The S3 programming interface is freely available. Users of S3 must authorize themselves. For user identification, the S3 protocol has an Authorization Header with an access key and signatures for requests.

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