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cloud storage

Cloud storage is a cloud service provided by cloud service providers( CSP), storage service providers( SSP) or backup service providers, where data from companies is stored, managed and made available to the company via the Internet. The cloud service is subject to a fee and is charged according to different pricing models. Thus, based on the storage capacity provided or depending on the usage.

Cloud storage providers access the data at the customer's site, encrypt it for transfer to the cloud, store the data using object storage and make it available to the user at any time. In addition to the storage capacity provided, cloud storage is about data security and privacy, which is ensured through secure authentication and encryption.

With cloud storage, which can be Storage-as-a-Service( SaaS) or Backup-as-a-Service( BaaS), user data, corporate data or application data can be stored in global data centers and used worldwide. The stored data can be accessed via a cloud service, web servicesprogramming interfaces, or web-basedcontent management systems using the Swift protocol or S3 interface.

Cloud storage can be on-premises and housed in the data center in the corporate building, or off-premises. If both storage locations are combined in one concept, it is called hybrid cloud storage. In hybrid cloud storage, the internal storage system is supplemented by public cloud storage. In this concept, storage management ensures that current, frequently used data is stored in the internal system, while data that is used less frequently is stored in the external cloud storage.

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