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  1. Dial Back is a security mechanism for preventing unauthorized dialing into networks. In this method, the network software contains a list of authorized users and their phone numbers. When a user calls, the server receives the login and recognizes the subscriber's phone number. The server then terminates the connection, calls the subscriber number and establishes a new connection to the subscriber by redialing. The connection is therefore always established on the server side.
  2. Dial-back is also a security function of modems. After the password has been transmitted, the modem interrupts the established connection and automatically sets up a new connection to the subscriber, which the subscriber can then use to transmit his data. This measure prevents unauthorized persons from gaining access via the modem connection.
  3. In the case of call transfers via call-by-call( CbC) providers, the connection request for the call-back with the telephone numbers is requested from the CbC center via the Internet. After a short period of time, the exchange calls back to the customer who ordered the call-back and does not establish the connection to the desired call party until the customer picks up the phone.
  4. Call-back is also available as a call-back function for visitors to a website. In this case, the phone number of the customer advisor can be displayed or a call-back connection can be established via a call-back button. The customer advisor can be contacted and questions answered via these connections.
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