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call agent

  1. In call centers, call agents or call center agents are the people who make telephone calls to private and corporate customers. In the case of outbound calls, the telephone connections are automatically established by predictive dialing, progressive dialing or preview dial ing. The call agent can then advise the person on the other end of the call. Call agents answer customer inquiries, provide information about products and services, and deal in insurance policies and other services. They may specialize in particular products and services. In inbound calls, call agents follow predefined scripts when communicating with callers and build a customer relationship with the caller. They answer customer inquiries and suggest solutions to problems. Customer calls are recorded with the customer's consent and are also monitored by supervisors to improve procedures and reasoning and reduce call times.
  2. In networks, call agents are intelligent network components that control one or more mediagateways( MGW), similar to a softswitch. To realize special services, the call agent communicates with the application servers.
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