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An agent is usually software that activates queries and processes responses; on the Internet, agents are programs for search processes; in call centers, call agents are people who answer queries or offer products and services over the phone.

  1. In network management systems, agents reside in all manageable devices and transmit the values of specific settings and parameters to the management station. When requested by a manager or when an event occurs, the agent transmits the information to the management console. Communication between the management station and the agent takes place using the Common Management Information Protocol( CMIP) for OSI protocols, and Simple Network Management Protocol( SNMP) for TCP/ IP protocols.
  2. On the Internet, an agent is a program that performs search processes on behalf of the user and thus corresponds to a robot. Such agents have an agent name and are called Googlebot in the Google search engine. Depending on the application, such agents can also have their own intelligence and query account balances or navigate through databases. Intelligent agents are software that browses the Internet in the background while the user is working on other applications. Intelligent agents provide better context-relevant search results.
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