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broad band speaker

Full-range loudspeakers can radiate approximately the entire audible audio frequency range. Unlike other loudspeakers that are optimized for specific frequency ranges, such as tweeters, midrange drivers or woofers, the radiated frequency spectrum of full-range loudspeakers covers all frequency ranges supported by the aforementioned loudspeaker chassis, from about 50 Hz up to 20 kHz.

One advantage of full-range loudspeakers is that the sound pressure comes from a point source. This produces a uniform sound image that is characterized by a high degree of fidelity to the original, is independent of interference and propagation times, and allows the reproduced sound sources to be located. In addition, the installation of a full-range loudspeaker in a loudspeaker cabinet is much easier.

Full range loudspeaker, photo:

Full range loudspeaker, photo:

Full range loudspeakers often have coaxially arranged conical membranes with a centrally arranged tweeter cone, comparable to coaxial loudspeakers. Linearization of the frequency response is achieved with horn constructions, transmission lines and absorption devices.

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