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breach detection system (BDS)

Data bre aches are unauthorized access to sensitive, protected and confidential data that can be triggered by malware. A Breach Detection System (BDS) is a system that detects data breaches and unauthorized access to confidential data. Approaches are primarily focused on the threat of unidentifiable malicious malware.

While security provided by firewalls or intrusion detection systems( IDS) focus on inbound traffic, breach detection systems focus on malicious activity within the network. A BDS system determines potential data breaches through traffic analysis, risk assessments, data policies and reports of their non- compliance. This allows BDS systems to detect data breaches as they occur in some cases and later in others.

There are some threats that change, change their code and use evasion techniques, such as Advanced Persistent Threats( APT). These threats are extremely difficult to detect. Not all threats can be detected. Therefore, the BDS technique does not focus on detecting every intruder, but on capturing them as quickly as possible.

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