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application security

Application security protects applications from threats that copy, manipulate, or delete data. Application security is a symbiosis of software and hardware to prevent attacks.

Application security is an essential aspect ofinformation security that protects applications and data against attacks. Attacks usually occur via web applications and range from data theft to industrial espionage, data misuse and vandalism. The attacks can involve the copying of company-critical information and access authorizations that need to be protected, or the misuse of e-commerce or m-commerce on third-party accounts.

Application security is used for preventive protection and can be implemented at the application level by identifying IT risks. Measures that can be used to protect applications include the use of firewalls, encryption and biometric methods for authentication. Application security involveschecking the content ofdata packets rather than the header.

Starting points lie in the software used, in possible authentication at the application or through suitable encryption measures. For example, attacks that run in the same way as cross site scripting( XSS) can be defended against by including appropriate codes.

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