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application delivery network (ADN)

Application Delivery Network (ADN) is a network concept that provides information about network traffic, the use and prioritization of business-critical programs

and security-relevant aspects.An ADN network is about traffic-relevant information

, about the utilization of the network, the available resources, theavailability of

the transmission routes andthe available bandwidth

. It isabout more than just transporting data

from one endpoint to another quickly and without errors. Withan ADN network

, theadministrator

has a set of tools with which he can accelerate business-critical applications, provide time-critical applications with the required bandwidth and security-critical applications with the required security mechanisms.An application

delivery network is based on thetransport layer


monitors all traffic


Functionally, it consists of application delivery controllers (ADC), application performancemonitoring

, WAN optimization, and a secure Web gateway. An ADN network should be able to present traffic in a completely transparent manner and automatically detect and distinguish whether it is a streaming application, a high-priority application, a complex application, or a Web application. It supports appropriate acceleration techniques such as quality of serviceclassification, compression and advanced management features.

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