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antenna array

Antenna arrays are individual antennas arranged in a matrix shape and interconnected to form a multi- antenna system or smart antenna. Such an array can consist of a few, but also of hundreds of dipole anten nas or cross dipoles, of parabolicantennas or pencil beam antennas, which can be controlled together or each separately.

Multi-antenna systems and antenna arrays can optimize their reception or radiation characteristics by beamforming. In addition, interconnecting individual antennas increases antenna gain and attenuation return.

Antenna array with 64 antennas, photo:

Antenna array with 64 antennas, photo:

In addition to the classic antenna arrays as used in multi-antenna systems, there are also phased array antennas, phased array antennas, in which the different phase positions used to drive the individual antennas affect the radiation pattern.

In antenna arrays used for positioning, the individual antenna elements can be arranged in different ways. There is the linear arrangement. where all antennas are arranged on one line. Such a linear antenna array is called a Uniform Linear Array (ULA). There is also the rectangular antenna array, Uniform Rectangular Array (URA), in which the antenna elements are arranged in two planes, and there is the circular antenna array, Uniform Circular Array (UCA).

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