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all-flash array (AFA)

An all-flash array( AFA) is a solid state array( SSA) consisting exclusively of solid state drives( SSD) with non-volatile NAND flashes. All-flash arrays are characterized by high performance and short response times and latency, which are in the micro- and nanosecond range.

In contrast to all-flash arrays, the latency times of disk arrays are in the millisecond range. In addition, all-flash arrays consist of non-volatile NAND flashes and are not subject to mechanical stress. Storage capacities of AFA arrays exceed100 terabytes( TB), which can be scaled for specific applications.

All-flash array from HP with up to 100 TB

All-flash array from HP with up to 100 TB

All-flash arrays can be built with single level cells( SLC) or multi-level cells( MLC) and provide good CPU utilization thanks to short microsecond latency and best input/output operations per second ( IOPS) values. They accelerate the provision ofIT services and can be used in database management thanks to their flexibility and performance.

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