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solid state array (SSA)

A solid-state array(SSA) is a structured arrangement of several solid-state drives( SSD) that can be accessed by many servers via the storageareanetwork( SAN). The advantage of such SSA arrays is that they can be easily integrated into existing storage environments. If SSD arrays consist exclusively of flash storage, they are referred to as all-flash arrays( AFA).

The individual SSD drives of a storage array are housed in a cabinet or rack and are controlled by a controller. The rack contains all the necessary components such as switches, controllers and other components.

While SSD arrays used to be based on RAMs, today the common storage elements are flash memories, which has led to the name flash array. As an interface, SSA arrays work with Serial ATA( SATA) and with Serial Attached SCSI( SAS).

Flash memory array, photo:

Flash memory array, photo:

Solid state arrays (SSA) feature ultra-low latency in the micro- and nanosecond range and can be used for near-real-time transactions, online transaction processing( OLTP) and fast batch processing. SSA arrays reduce the administrative overhead of managing, testing, analyzing, and storing data.

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