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ISO 9241

ISO 9241is a display standard that deals with the ergonomics and presentation of displays. It was developed by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and is issued by certified testing institutes. The revised ISO 9241, which replaces ISO 13406-2 designed for LCD displays, came into force in mid-2007. The ISO 9241 standard relates to ergonomic aspects depending on the field of application. It applies equally to CRT and flat panel displays: to LCD displays, TFT displays and plasma displays, etc., as well as to smartphones, tablets, televisions and projectors.

ISO 9241 also addresses, among other things, the requirements for the display and keyboard, ergonomics and posture, color display and brightness, userinterface, user interface and user guidance, application-specific user interfaces for voice dialogs and the World Wide Web, and for many other applications.

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