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Ergonomics is a collective term for scientific work on the interactions between the design of work equipment or other facilities and the working power, motivation and health of people.

The result of this scientific work is knowledge that should lead to the careful and at the same time effective use of human beings. The findings from ergonomics have made a significant contribution to the design of work equipment and facilities in office work and also form the basis of occupational health and safety regulations. In practice, the TCO guidelines are applied in the various versions.

In addition, the International Standards Organization( ISO) for monitors and screens has established guidelines for ergonomic requirements. These include display luminance, contrast, luminance, colors and flicker, and are described in ISO 13405 and ISO 9241. In addition, the display's screen size, image quality, contrast, character size and absence of reflections play a decisive role.

Ergonomics also intervenes in workplace design. This involves the working posture, the sitting position and the viewing conditions, which should be such that working does not result in any health impairments.

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