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ISO 10536

Contactless chip cards are standardized in ISO 10536. This standard describes the structure and operation of the Close Coupling Integrated Chip Card( CICC) in four parts:

Part 1: Physical Characteristics. Part 1 of ISO 10536 from 1992 specifies the physical characteristics of the Close Coupling Integrated Chip Card (CICC). The 10536 specifications are applicable to contactless smart cards of the size of the ID1 card where the supply voltage, clock and data signal are transferred into the CICC card without contact. Part 1 does not address frequencies, modulation schemes or transmission protocols.

Part 2: Dimensions and Locations of Coupling Areas. Part 2 of ISO 10536 is about the dimensions, locations and marking of coupling areas for wireless transmission. It deals with the card surface and with insertion slots in card readers.

Part 3: Electronic Signals and Reset Procedures.

Part 4: Answer to Reset and Transmission Protocols.

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