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close coupling integrated chip card (CICC)

Contactless smart cards are divided into three different types, which are distinguished solely by the distance from the RFID reader: the Close Coupling Integrated Chip Card (CICC), the Proximity Integrated Circuit Card( PICC) and the Vicinity Integrated Circuit Card( VICC).

The CICC card is the one that can be used within a distance range of only 1 cm from the reader. It is specified in ISO 10536.

Structure of a contactless memory card

Structure of a contactless memory card

CICC is a passively operating contactless smart card that has no power supply of its own and obtains its supply voltage for the chip via electric or magnetic fields between the reader and the smart card. The information is modulated by changing the frequency response of the LC circuit to the chip, which is detected by the reader as absorption changes. The transmission takes place via the contactless chipcard interface( CCI). CCI systems operate in frequency ranges from 1 Hz to 30 MHz.

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