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GG45 connector (GG45)

The GG45 connector system developed by Nexans, consisting of the GG45 plug and the GG45 socket, has been standardized by the International Electrotechnical Commission( IEC) and by the International Standards Organization( ISO) for Category 7 cabling. The GG-45 connector system is backward compatible with the RJ-45 connector. As a connector system, GG45s fulfill link classFA up to 1,000 MHz in a category 7 cable.

The GG45 connector system has a total of 12 contacts. 8 contacts correspond to the connector face of the RJ45 connector. The upper four connector contacts are high-speed pins for data rates above 10 Gbps. Another four connector contacts are integrated in the lower area of the GG-45 socket. In RJ45 mode, the left center RJ45 contacts (3/4) are hardwired to the lower left GG45 contacts and the center right RJ45 contacts are hardwired to the lower right GG45 contacts. In RJ45 operation up to 500 MHz, which meets the requirements of category 6a, the simultaneous connection of the lower contacts does not impair the signal.

GG-45 connector, photo:

GG-45 connector, photo:

A switch to Cat. 7 operation is made by the GG45 patch cable, which has an integrated nose. This activates a switch in the GG45 jack, which causes the middle RJ45 contacts (3/4 and 5/6) to be grounded to chassis ground. This activates only the outer RJ45 contacts (1/2 and 7/8) and the additional lower GG45 contacts. The shielding cross integrated in the socket forms a chamber for each individual contact pair, thus achieving optimum shielding of the signal. The GG45 jack can be combined with components of the RJ45 system with restricted specifications. In the combination of GG45 and RJ45, they meet the specifications for link class D for a category 5 (cat 5) cable.

The GG45 system has been certified to ISO/IEC 11801 requirements for class "F" in 4 connector channel operation up to 1000 MHz and features excellent NEXT values. Near End Crosstalk (NEXT) is 67.9 dB at 250 MHz and 60.7 dB at 600 MHz.

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