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European network exchange (automotive) (ENX)

European Network Exchange (ENX) is the communication network of the European automotive industry. Via this network, manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry can exchange their technical, administrative and logistical data across companies. This is particularly important from the point of view of supply chain management( SCM), as precisely coordinated schedules can be crucial for production.

In terms of its concept, the ENX network represents a virtual private network( VPN) that is mapped onto the IP network. It is characterized by high information security, availability and scalability.

ENX uses well-known transmission technologies such as frame relay, ATM and ISDN. The transmission rates can be adapted to the customer requirements due to the saclierability. Security protocols like IPsec and tunneling techniques guarantee the high security requirements, even when connecting in-house VPNs.

ENX is an association of manufacturers, suppliers and associations of the European automotive industry, which have developed the ENX network in cooperation with various service providers. It corresponds to the American Automotive Network Exchange (ANX), through which not only automotive technology companies are connected, but also financial companies.

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