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EtherCAT topology

EtherCAT, a fieldbus concept for automation and production, can be implemented in various topologies. In principle, all Ethernet topologies are possible, including the star topology of Ethernet switching. Likewise, EtherCAT can also be set up in bus and line topologies, as known from other fieldbuses.

The familiar transmission media such as TP cables, opticalfibres and plastic fib res are available. The extension depends on the Ethernet configuration used and is 100 m between the components for 100Base-TX.

Since EtherCAT also involves transmission over very short distances, for example between two EtherCAT Terminals, a bus configuration for short buses has also been developed: the E-bus. This uses Low Voltage Differential Signalling (LVDS) and can be used in the short range up to 10 m. STP is also used as transmission medium. STPcategory 5 cables and plastic fibres (up to 10 m) are also used here as transmission media. The size of such an EtherCAT network can comprise up to 65,535 devices.

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