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AdWords(Google) are text-based classified ads that website operators can place on their websites in coordination with the search engine operator. AdWords, which is made up of Advertising and Words, are text ads made up of a few words that highlight the key benefits of the product or service.

The AdWord text is linked to the provider's website. As soon as the ad is clicked, it links to the landing page of the provider's website. AdWords are matched to the topics of the websites by matching techniques using keyword advertising. If, for example, the website is called up that deals with printers or printer accessories, then the AdWords are thematically directly related to the content of the website. AdWords are billed according to the Pay per Click( PPC) payment model.

AdWords on

AdWords on

The sophisticated targeting with the target group-specific switching of AdWords, is based on a bidding process such as Paid Placement, which determines, among other things, the order of the listed classified ads. In addition, the advertiser can adjust his budget planning in such a way that he specifies a fixed amount for AdWords, and as soon as this amount is reached by clicks, the AdWords is switched off.

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