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landing page

The landing page is the web page to which search terms are linked. It is the web page where the visitor lands when he clicks on a link term. A landing page is the entry page or entry page.

A landing page can be any web page of a domain, which, if linked correctly, fits thematically to the search term. The visitor has the advantage that he does not have to call up the homepage of the corresponding website and search for the desired information there, but lands directly on the website with the desired information, namely the landing page.

The clever choice of the landing page goes into search engine optimization( SEO), as does the ranking index of the website from which the link originates. In the case of text links, the link always leads to the landing page, which is deliberately selected according to the ranking index. In the white hat method, landing pages with professional content are deliberately chosen.

Example of a text link from the keyword photovoltaic to the landing page

Example of a text link from the keyword photovoltaic to the landing page

The landing page as well as the exit page, i.e. the web page on which the visitor leaves the website, is of particular interest for online marketing, as it shows what the visitor is interested in.

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