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Unsubscribe means to cancel a subscription. Inonline advertising, the unsubscribe function is used for regularly delivered information media. This is the case with newsletters, maiilngs or other regular information services or promotional offers.

Unsubscribe means that customers can opt out of receiving emails for the purpose of email marketing or Short Message Service( SMS) for SMS marketing. It is important to respect this customer request so that, for example, a newsletter is not considered spam. Only ordered (subscribe) email advertising to the customer is legal in most jurisdictions and is not considered annoying by the customer and is subject to permission marketing.

The reasons for unsubscribing from information services can be different. For example, customers may be dissatisfied with the information offered, or they may be annoyed by the frequency of the information offered. Also, the scope of the reader's tasks might have changed, so that they need other information Unsubscribing readers are recorded in the Unsubscribe Rate. This unsubscribe rate is the percentage of people in relation to the total readership who unsubscribe from their information service in a given period of time....

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