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permission marketing

Permission marketing is a special form of marketing that requires the customer's express consent for defined advertising contacts.

In permission marketing, the advertiser requires the customer's consent, and only then may he send advertising mailings to him. Permission marketing is based on the fact that e-mails or other forms of online advertising sent to end customers with their permission achieve greater acceptance and increase marketing efficiency. The basis for permission marketing is the confirmation concept of opt-in and opt-out: only customers who choose to opt-in and thus confirm that they wish to receive advertising messages may be contacted as part of permission marketing. The term was first coined by Seth Godin in 1999.

In order to obtain an opt-in from customers, they are offered discounts or competitions so that they agree to receive advertising mailings. In the process, customers submit their contact information and agree to receive emails, newsletters, and other informational media. In permission marketing, the target groups are analyzed and only information that meets the target group's information needs is sent to customers.

In the case of permission marketing, legal requirements for personal data within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation(DSGVO) must be observed.

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