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Opt-In is a confirmation concept for the inclusion of advertising contacts. This concept complies with the statutory provisions according to which the consent of the end user is required for the sending of online advertising measures. In Germany, online advertising measures such as newsletters, short message services( SMS), advertising mails or e-mails may only be sent with the declared consent of the consumer. This is stipulated in Section 7 of the Unfair Competition Act (UWG).

With opt-in, the consumer confirms with his contact data that he accepts the sending of online advertising. However, there is a risk that the contact data may be entered incorrectly or that the registrant uses contact data of other persons. In order to exclude such incorrect and deliberately false entries and the associated workload, there are two variants for the opt-in procedure: The first variant is the confirmed opt-in, the confirmed opt-in, and the second variant is the double opt-in( DOI).

In the case of the confirmed opt-in, an e-mail is sent as a confirmation with the specified user data to the contact data in which the registration is confirmed and the consent for online advertising or the sending of newsletters is given. The e-mail recipient would have to object to the e-mail if he or she no longer wishes to receive online advertising. The situation is different with double opt-in, which only becomes effective when the mail recipient confirms the opt-in. If the contact data provided is incorrect or the e-mail recipient cannot be clearly identified, the recipient can correct this in the e-mail reply or opt out so that he or she does not receive any further online advertising.

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