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unified endpoint management (UEM)

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) is the successor technology to Enterprise Mobility Management(EMM). It involves the uniform management of desktops and various mobile end devices used by users. The complete control is done from one console. The UEM approach supports convergence with traditional management tasks such as client lifecycle management( CLM) or enterprise mobility management (EMM).

Endpoints managed by Unified Endpoint Management include desktops and mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. All of these endpoints can be used by enterprise employees and must be managed efficiently. Unified Endpoint Management is one such unified management tool that leverages the Mobile Device Management( MDM) application programming interfaces ( API) in desktop and mobile operating systems to control a wide variety of clients across an enterprise. It is based on the Mobile Device Management (MDM) application programming interfaces (API) in desktop and mobile operating systems. In this way, a wide variety of tasks such as the configuration of virtual private networks( VPN), WLANs and other networks and services, as well as access rights or authentication, can be realized under the Windows 10operating system. Other tasks of the unified endpoint management include the configuration, management and monitoring of mobile devices equipped with different operating systems. Likewise, the management of some IoT devices and smart wearables. Furthermore, the unification of management profiles and security policies.

Due to the increasing use of Bring Your Own Device( ByoD), the variety of end devices and operating systems is growing. The efficient management of all end devices is therefore imperative. Solutions such as Mobile Device Management (MDM) are device-specific and suitable for certain device groups. However, they do not cover all device groups.

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