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transducer electronic data sheet (sensor) (TEDS)

The Transducer Electronic Data Sheet(TEDS) is an initiative of National Instruments to make transducers easier to connect and more comparable. The standardization for this initiative runs under IEEE P1451.4 and forms a plug-and-play program for sensors.

Until now, in order for sensor measurement systems to interpret the measured values correctly, important data such as the measuring range, sensitivity or scaling had to be entered manually. The system could use this data to covert and interpret the measured values. With the TEDS concept, there is no need for manual input; the data is read in automatically.

The TEDS standard calls for sensors to be equipped with embedded chips on which standardized electronic data sheets are stored containing important information about the sensors as well as about scaling parameters. The data, stored in a standardized format, is read when the components are connected and is incorporated directly into the configuration.

In addition, National has set up a database for the TEDS data of the various sensor manufacturers.

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