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Stratellite is a word creation from stratosphere and satellite. It is an unmanned, hovering flying object with a stationary position in the stratosphere at an altitude of about 20 km.

Stratellites are intended to be used in near- Earth communications and have the advantage of low latency over classical communications satellites. Compared to GEO satell ites, it is vanishingly low. As a result, like LEO satell ites, they can also be used for voice communications and real-time communications in the Internet of Things( IoT). Stratellites can be balloons or blimps held stationary in position by GPS receivers and small electric motors. Radio networks with an earth coverage of about 200,000 square kilometers can be established via these relay stations. Compared to LEO satellites, the number of stratellites would be much smaller to achieve the same radio coverage.

Stratellites can be integrated into mobile networks, they can support various mobile services and can be used for broadband broadcast transmissions such as HDTV or transmissions in the 4K standard.

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