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Snapchat is a mobile instant messaging service, Mobile Instant Messaging( MIM), through which you can send pictures and photos to individuals and groups of people. The name is made up of Snap and Chat. So it is an instantaneous chat.

Unlike other photo transmissions, Snapchat self-destructs the transmitted photos after a predetermined time. This time can be set by the person sending the photo and can be a maximum of 10 seconds. The viewer can therefore only look at the chat pictures for 10 seconds, after which they disappear from their receiving device. The transmitted messages and images can only be viewed once by the recipient. To do this, the recipient must touch the touchscreen of the smartphone or tablet for the entire viewing time, otherwise the snap disappears.

Since selfies are often transmitted with Snapchat, there are filters for portrait photos and animation filters for distorting and manipulating photos.

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