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residence time

Dwell time, length of stay, viewing time or session duration refers to the time a visitor to a website spends on one or various web pages of the website. The dwell time is a key figure that plays a role in online advertising, because a longer dwell time means that the visitor inevitably sees the advertisements for longer.

The dwell time parameter is recorded and evaluated by statistics programs such as Google Analytics and is directly related to content and page quality. If a user stays on a website for a long time, the conclusion can generally be drawn that the content of the website interests him. In the opposite case, with low dwell time, it may be that the content does not correspond to the user's interests, or that the guidance over the website is unclear.

Average time spent on a website

Average time spent on a website

Depending on the web statistics, dwell time can be an average value over a shorter or longer period of time that a visitor spends on the entire website or on individual web pages.

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