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radio detection and ranging (automotive) (RADAR)

The abbreviation RADAR stands for Radio Detection and Ranging and means as much as detection and recognition of objects with radio waves. In the context of, the radar technology used in automotive technology is discussed.

In general, the principle of radar technology is that radar systems emit sound waves or electromagnetic waves that are reflected by fixed and moving bodies or objects. The reflected waves are received by the radar system and separated from the transmitted wave in a duplexer. The radar system determines the distance to the object from the propagation time between the transmitted wave and the received, i.e. reflected, wave.

Short- and long-range radar

Short- and long-range radar

In automotive technology, radar systems are found in driver assistance systems, where they are intended to alert the driver to interference from people, cars or objects on and off the road. These radar systems include short-range radar and long-range radar. Short-range radar( SRR) operates at distances of up to about 30 m and transmits at frequencies of 24 GHz. It is used instead of ultrasonic sensors and supports highly automated and autonomous driving.

Long range radar( LRR) operates as FMCW radar and has much higher accuracy for range measurement and angle calculation compared to short range radar, which is due to the high transmission frequency of 77 GHz and the usable bandwidth of 1 GHz.

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