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quantum LED (QLED)

A QLED display, Quantum-Dots LED, is a backlitLCD technology. It is based on semiconductor nano-crystals, quantum dots( QD), which absorb and emit light. The colors emitted depend on the core size of the QD particles.

In terms of structure, the QLED display is an LCD display with a special backlight. There are two additional layers for this: A film with quantum dots, the Quantum Dot Enhancement Film (QDEF), which is located directly behind the LCD display. The core size of the quantum dots is crucial for color they emit. The second layer of backlighting consists of blue-emitting LEDs that emit monochromatic light. The QD particles absorb the monochromatic blue light and emit red and green light through natural oscillations.

85-inch large screen in QLED technology from Samsung

85-inch large screen in QLED technology from Samsung

The light visible to the viewer is composed of the monochromatic blue and the intense red and green. The result shows up in pure hues with rich colors. Ideal for HDR displays, such as those used in HDR televisions. The advantages of QLED displays over OLEDs are the dedicated control of the quantum dots, a much higher brightness, which is 1,500 nits, the better contrast and the deeper black. The displays are richer in color and contrast. QLED displays can be designed as large screens with screen diagonals of over 100 inches, corresponding to 2.54 m, and with image resolutions of 8K.

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