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printer driver

Printer drivers are software modules for adapting the printer to the operating system. They adapt the device-specific functions of the printer so that the operating system can use them with all application programs.

Printer drivers can be part of the operating system, but they can also be provided by the printer manufacturer. These are recommended particularly with new developments and with the use of older operating systems. The reproduction of a printer by another one takes place by means of printer emulation.

Printer drivers, as control programs, translate the instructions that affect the layout and typeface, such as font, font size, boldness, sentence width, color, etc., and the control commands for printer control, such as line feed, new page, carriage return, and so on.

Each printer needs its own printer driver because it has its own nativecommands that the printer driver must translate into graphics. The printer driver transfers the graphics data to the printer. In addition to data translation, the printer driver provides various application programming interfaces( API) that allow programmers to add printing functions to runtime environments. For example, functions that indicate a paper jam or that query statistical data.

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