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principle of least privilege (PoLP)

The Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP) is an IT security concept that limits useraccess rights to a minimum. In effect, users can access only those applications and resources that are essential to their work and for which they are authorized.

The minimum access rights can be related to resources and files, and to various other criteria such as the field of activity, the department, the location or the time of day. All restrictive measures are configured by the administrators so that access by unauthorized persons is avoided as far as possible. Under the principle of minimal privileges, a user account is granted only as many access rights as are necessary for the user to be able to run his or her application.

Among the key benefits of PoLP technology are that it prevents the introduction of malware, decreases the chances of a cyber- attack, improves productivity and enhances compliance.

Since the user has limited access to programs, files and other resources with PoLP, the PoLP principle establishes higher system security and more stable system conditions.

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