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predictive coding

Predictive Coding is a pre-selection of documents that deal with a specific legal topic. Predictive coding reduces manual viewing times because it uses search words, content filters and text samples to determine whether the content of the document addresses the desired topic with the appropriate depth.

The goal of predictive document selection is to exclude irrelevantdocuments and not spend time manually processing them.

Predictive coding works with artificial intelligence to find documents that are relevant to the user. The software can learn from mistakes and optimize the search algorithms based on them. Additional manual review of the selected documents can further improve the decision-making process. The electronic process saves time and money, as the manual process would involve sifting through huge volumes of documents.

In addition to its use in the document sector, Predicitve Coding is also used for image transmissionsat low bit rates. Since there is usually little difference between two consecutive frames in moving image transmission, frames can be predicted relatively well based on the previous frame.

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