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policy enforcement point (QoS) (PEP)

The Policy Enforcement Point(PEP) is a logical instance on a server that controls access control policies. It is a type of security appliance that protects one or more endpoints.

The PEP point is part of the policy management system, such as the Common Open Policy Service( COPS), which handles user requests to use server or network resources according to access policies.

The Policy Enforcement Point enforces policies related to subscriber authentication and authorization of access to services, reservations, mobility, and more. Policy enforcement points are also points where the network status can be monitored. Requests to use a resource are routed to the Policy Enforcement Point (PEP) and forwarded by it to a Policy Decision( PDP) Point or Policy Decision Service( PDS), where they arechecked and transmitted back to the PEP Point. This then allows access to the desired resource.

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